BanglaTalk by Silicon Spectra

BanglaTalk is a Serverless Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Messenger Application to make FREE Unlimited Voice/Video Calls, Send Instant Messages and Enjoy Unlimited Sharing with friends and family worldwide.

BanglaTalk is the most SECURE, PRIVATE and LIGHT-WEIGHT messenger application ever surfaced the app-store. The patented serverless P2P technology behind BanglaTalk has taken the tech world by storm since its release. Our AI-powered Voice Quality Improvement protocol ensures utmost performance in 2G/EDGE, noisy Wi-Fi, and Satellite networks. Decentralization, Democratization and Developer-friendly ecosystem have been the fundamental pillars of BanglaTalk.

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A few special BanglaTalk features:
– FREE UNLIMITED HD VOICE & VIDEO CALLS no matter where you are in the world
– ALWAYS CONNECTED even on a poor Wifi/2G/EDGE internet connection
– LIGHTENING FAST instant messaging – Fastest in the world
– UTMOST PRIVACY – BanglaTalk is a peer-to-peer messaging application. We do NOT store your data on our servers. Your contacts or conversation stay with you on your own device
– CYBERSECURITY REINVENTED – Full End-to-End encryption when you use BanglaTalk to make a call, do a video chat or send an instant message. We are 100% committed to the SAFETY, SECURITY & PRIVACY of our worldwide users
– LOWEST DATA CONSUMPTION – Just turn on the “Low Data Usage” on BanglaTalk
– LOWEST RESOURCE CONSUMPTION – BanglaTalk will never drain your battery
– SHARE ANYTHING with anyone – photos, videos, files, folders, locations etc. with just one touch
– STAY CONNECTED even with non-BanglaTalk users; call any landline or cell phone anywhere in the world at the cheapest rate right from BanglaTalk.